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Some Bilco door systems are available in 4 factory applied Powder Coating colors which eliminates the need for contractor, or site applied painting.   Bilco warranties their Powder Coating process for one year after installation, and should last much longer than that depending on your home's exterior environmental conditions, and orientation of the housing towards the sun.   Bilco doors, if maintained properly will last many decades beyond their initial installation.

Custom colors are available in any color you choose, but would need to be applied by our local Powder Coating company here in NJ.  This process can add 4 to 6 weeks to your installation date, and increase in overall cost of the project.  

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Owners of Older style Bilco doors that are looking for discontinued replacement torsion rods, please either contact us directly by phone or email, or you can go onto EBAY and buy them here:

.270 diameter torsion rods  

(Ebay fees will apply when purchased through EBAY)